Is Tapswap legit? Discover it here

If you don’t know Tapswap is an Airdrop officially perform on telegram app, is not a get rich quick scheme neither a Ponzi scheme, all activities is carried out on the telegram app just like the previous one called NOTCOIN. Am going to give out some explanation and whether Tapswap is going to list or not, also I will talk if Tapswap is legit or scam.

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If you have been in the crypto world, especially airdrop world for long, then by now you should have come to the realization that “Tapping” has been made a very important word. Many airdrop tokens are now being distributed to people for just tapping on their screens for sometime, take for instance, the impending success of Notcoin. Tapswap happens to be a new addition to the telegram airdrop world and in this article, we will be finding out all there to know.

What is Tapswap? /About Tapswap

Tapswap is a decentralized exchange that is built on the Solana Blockchain. They are currently running in similar way as the previous one called Notcoin, which means you get to accumulate the taps token by just tapping on your screen once you start your bot.


The Tapswap token distribution strategy is designed to actively engage and reward the community, allocating 50% to active community members, 30% to the treasury for the platform development, and the remainder of the tokens to the team, advisors, and for liquidity support.

One interesting thing about Tapswap is, you can get upgrade your levels on the bot when you complete certain tasks but we will discuss that later. Remember all this is done with your telegram app.

Let’s talk about how to get started so we can quickly head straight to know if really Tapswap is legit or scam.

How to start Taping TAPSWAP

Many have been asking this question, like I have said earlier before you can start playing this bot you’ll need to register on telegram app, I believe many of us have know what’s telegram if you don’t you can quickly head straight to your playstore or apple store to download one.

Login into your telegram account and click on the search button at the top, then type in Tapswap, the first option that you would see should be the bot. Click on it and use the //start command to access the bot.

Once you get to the bot, you will see a Start Button, click on it and wait for a message from the bot asking you to start the game immediately. Tap on it and you will be taken to the main game page.

At this stage, all that’s required of you is to start tapping to accumulate the tapswap tokens. It’s called shares, as a new user you get 2,500 shares and can start accumulating more from there. For each session, you get to accumulate 500 tapswap tokens, but you can wait for some minutes for it to recuperate then you continue.

How to earn more coins on Tapswap.

There are actually various opportunities to increase your Tapswap tokens and they can be found on the game page.

Once you load the bot click on the tasks icon you’ll see various tasks to complete which gives you more tokens.

You can also share your own referral link to your friends who has telegram app to start the bot and you’ll be rewarded.

To get your referral link, click on the Ref option, and share your link to anyone that pleases you. In every crypto or airdrop related project, people with more referrals tend to accumulate more tokens or coins.

Is Tapswap legit

Many keeps asking this question almost every day, Tapswap seems to me like a legit project but it’s still too young for one to make a strong statement regarding it’s legitimacy. Permit me to use Notcoin as an example one more time. We all know how the Notcoin project started and how it was completely unclear whether it will be launched as a token or simply left to die as a game but now it’s making much sense to the players.

That’s exactly how we can’t predict the future of tapswap; the only difference however between the two is that, tapswap is pretty straightforward about their plans for the future and they have consistently mentioned or maintained their position that it will be much more than just a telegram game to an airdrop and the people who will receive the highest share of the distribution, when it commences are the players on telegram.

When will Tapswap Lunched

At the moment, there is no information regarding the token launched. The truth about Tapswap Lunched date is that nobody knows we just hope they lunched as promised and all players make their money.

The information we have at the time of writing this article is that the Taps pool will be launched on the 1st of July, 2024. While most people think the token will be listed on this date, the development team failed to explain in details what they mean by Taps pool but it’s unlikely to be TGE.


In conclusion in our article today concerning Tapswap is you don’t give-up since is totally free until they disappear

In my opinion, instead of asking about listing date or Tapswap legit, why not invest all the time and energy into accumulating more shares? Tapswap like other clicker games are completely free i.e. apart from the time investment, you have nothing else to pay for, so try as much as possible to earn enough shares because it naturally translates to more token allocation whenever they decide to enlist the $Taps token.

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