Make MoneyReview Legit Or Scam? Read out here is a platform where people are allowed to earn money when they register with a certain amount on the platform. Ensure to read down to this article to see many things and finding out if legit or scam.

Welcome to, we are sure you are right here searching on the internet if is a true and legit platform to make money, we are very sure after studying this our review you’ll understand every important step to take, whether to signup or not. Find out if platform Is legit or scam.

In this review, we’ll be looking at sub-topics like is legit, scam, what is, is paying, how does works, When was launched, how to make money on, who is the founder of and everything you inquire to know about this platform.

Many on-line income structures, platforms on the internet today making all such of claim to entice green customers to join their platform.
They include more exciting package so as to lure investors that it’s the high-quality manner of earning money however in the end, they turn out to be disappointing them and running away with their investment, efforts and time.

For you not to be victim of such platforms checking have to be your first thing earlier than investing your difficult earned money or wasting your time. Many investors, users do not make any single findings before running into online investment platforms, that’s why they end up loosing their hard earned money. Continue reading as you find out if is legit.

In this case Fundsinfo association decided to review to let you know if is real or just pure scam.

What is is an online earning platform where users are allowed to perform simple daily tasks to make money. has a fixed price which every intended member must pay for him/her to have access to perform these tasks on their platform.


The wave of Financial stability, Megawave is a “3 in 1” unique online Earning system managed by elite boards , with the main purpose of satisfying all its users , by providing them with Massive Mind-blowing features to earn with.

Megawave is the first of it’s kind , when it comes to earning structure and it’s unbeatable features…. And added to all MEGAWAVE is one of the most transparent and legitimate online Earning system In conclusion MEGAWAVE IS THE WAVE OF FINANCIAL STABILITY.”

The available words is available on about page.

How does work

To work with you must create an account with them, all you need is a smartphone, good network connection and head straight to their official website and follow the procedures. We are going to direct you here on how to register in a sub-topic below.

To join you have to pay the registration fee threshold which is N4000 to any of their vendor available on the platform for you to get access to your account where you can start completing these tasks and start making money as they promise.

Once you register on the platform, you have access to partake on their different features and tasks in other to start making money. These tasks includes sharing sponsored post every day you login to your account also bringing new members to join the platform.

How to make money on

To make money on is very easy once you become a member, you can make money by completing of various tasks, these tasks includes; sharing of sponsored post to your different social media accounts every single day you login your account and earn a whopping commission of N750.

Another way you can be earning higher is through inviting your friends to join the platform by sharing your referral link for them to register through it.
Anyone who successfully register account using your referral link the platform rewards you with a commission of N3,100 Earning Structure

  • Registration fee : N4000
  • Morning tasks : N250
  • Afternoon tasks: N250
  • Affiliate tasks: N3,100
  • Indirect referral: N200
  • 2nd indirect referral: N100
  • 3rd indirect referral: N50

Who is the founder

To know if a platform is real this is one of the fact you must search and know who is behind an online investment site before involving yourself to it.

Unfortunately, Fundsinfo found out that the website owner did not reveal any information about themselves. If the platform is real, legitimate information about the CEO or who owns must not be hidden. But in this case, the owner of is anonymous.

And where the founders are anonymous, no one can be held accountable if something goes wrong.

When was launched

Before you join an online investment platform you should be able to find out how long the website has being operating, with this you can contribute with others to know whether they are real or fake. was lunch on the 1st of March 2023 which shows is still new at this moment writing this article.

How to register on

To join the platform you need to take some steps before you can be a successful member of the platform. Follow our simple steps to register.

First you need to purchase your coupon code in other to complete your registration, Click Here to view their different vendors on the platform, contact one of them, make your payment and get your coupon code.
Visit the website registration site by clicking Here.
Follow the instructions by providing your correct details as shown above.
Click on register to process your account.

How to login on

Click on this Link to direct you to their official login site.
Input your login details, Email address your Username.
Click on login to access your account. Affiliate (Referral)

This is a way you can earn more money by using your referral link to invite friends and family to join the platform. claims to pay N3,100 to who ever that brings new member to the platform using his/her referral link.

You can get more referrals using your link by sharing it to your different social media accounts encouraging your friends to register and invest. withdrawal

To be able to withdraw your earnings you must reached the minimum withdrawal threshold on the platform, according to the platform the minimum withdrawal amount varies.
For Affiliate Referrals, those who are bringing new people to their website. The minimum withdrawal is N5,600 and this can be done everyday while

Non Affiliate Referrals, Those who can’t be able to bring new users and making their money through daily activities. The minimum withdrawal is N900 and you can withdraw it only at the last day of every month.

How to withdraw on

To cash out your withdrawal you just need to head to the withdrawal page provide your withdrawal details, like bank details and process for withdrawal, remember withdrawal will be process within 24hours.

Is Paying

Before joining a platform you should be able to know if the platform is paying or not by reading reviews like this.

At this moment writing this article there’s no payment evidence as is still new.

Is Legit is a newly lunch website, there’s no negative reports yet from users. The platform is just like other earning platforms which we have come across, some may pay for a short time while many won’t even pay.

Considering a legit website at the moment will be too early as there’s no payment evidence anywhere and the platform is new.

Are you a member of or your looking for advice before you register an account with the platform, Fundsinfo will advice you to only register if only you can afford to loose such money.

Is Scam is not yet verified a scam one, but this platform cannot be trusted, there are many red flags on the platform, the owner didn’t reveal any information about him or her self. Although we have come across such platforms that pays for a short time before going off.

We want you to share with us your experience and thoughts concerning this platform at the comment section.


Thanks for your time and patience to read this our review to this point, don’t forget to share with us your experience down below at the comment section below.

We love hearing from our successful readers, your opinion will be helpful to us and also let those who are yet to register know if the platform is real or scam. Thanks for your understanding, let’s hear your thoughts and experience down here at the comment section.

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