Review Review- Legit? Check here is just like other platforms where you rents bots to generate profits in a period of days. read all about here and find out if legit or just pure scam.

In this review, we’ll be looking at sub-topics like, is legit, scam, what is, is paying, how does works, When was launched, how to make money on, who is the founder of and everything you inquire to know about this platform.

In this case Fundsinfo association decided to review and provide this information to let you know if is real or just pure scam.

Without wasting much time, let’s look on how they work and different others about this platform.

Disclaimer “We is not by anyway associated with Platform but this information provided here is based on studies and honesty”.

What is is an online investment platform that claims users can make money when they rent a machine or invest on the platform. claims anyone who join their platform and invest he or she will receive profits according to his investment.

How does work

To work with you must create an account with them, all you need is a smartphone, good network connection and head straight to their official website and follow the procedures. We are going to direct you here on how to register in a sub-topic below.

To be a complete successfully earning member, you need to choose any project machine or plan in the platform and make a deposit, you can find these different projects or plans in your account. has made it easier for users to invest on the platform by providing different levels of plans or projects for members to choose their desirable and affordable plan to invest on.

They have a minimum investment project or plan of N5000 where you can earn N450 every day and a maximum plan of N1,000000 where you can make up to N115,000 everyday.

But, providing this exciting offers and plans sometimes do not really matter when it comes to online investment, what matters is asking yourself if legit?, will they pay me? that’s how is really good to read reviews like this to gather information about it. association will help you with ideas concerning that as you examine down.

How to make money on

To make money on is very easy once you invest on your affordable plan, you don’t have any big deal on the platform to do.

You can make money by daily logins to your account, how you earn all depends on the type of investment plan you invest, which means the higher the plan the higher you can earn everyday from the platform.

Another way you can be earning higher is through inviting your friends to join the platform by sharing your referral link for them to register through it.
Anyone who successfully register and activate his/her account on any of the plan the platform rewards you with a commission.

Who is the founder of

To know if a platform is real this is one of the fact that you must search for before involving yourself.

Unfortunately, Fundsinfo found out that the website owner did not reveal any information about themselves. If the platform is real legitimate information about the CEO or who owns must be reveal. But in this case, the owner of is unknown.

And where the founders are anonymous, no one is going to be responsible if something goes wrong.

When was Lunched

Before you join an online investment platform you should be able to find out how long the website has being operating, with this you can contribute with others to know whether they are real or fake. is a newly platform at the moment writing this article, it is live since on the 21st of March 2023.

How to register on

To join the platform you need to take some steps before you can be a successful member of the platform. Follow our simple steps to register.

Visit the website registration site by clicking Here
Input your Email address, Password, Confirm password, Invitation code (Optional)
Click on register to process your account.

That’s how to register on

How to login on

Click on this Link to direct you to their official registration site.
Input Email address and Password
Click on login to access your account.

How to withdraw on

To cash out your earnings you just need to head to the withdrawal page provide your withdrawal details, bank details and process for withdrawal, remember you are going to get your earnings within 24hours.

Withdrawal is going to be ready from Monday to Saturday at 10:00Am to 5:00Pm. Minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal amount on is N1000 and to withdraw your earnings provide your bank details but remember you may charge for a withdrawal fee. Referral

This is a way you can earn more money by using your referral link to invite your friends and family to register on the platform through your link.

Each member you invite using your referral link you get a cash back of 10% of his investment which automatically appear or add to your balance.

Is Paying

Before joining a platform you should be able to know if the platform is paying or not by reading reviews like this.

At this moment writing this article there’s no real payment of, maybe as their still new or something else.

Is Legit

The features of seems to be real but cannot be consider a legit platform to be making money or trust because there are many red flags on the platform which cannot be ignore.

Involving yourself with such platforms that their founders are not mention are so risky, though some pay for a short time.

Is Scam is not yet verify a scam platform due to that is new and no negative reports from users at this moment writing this article, we have come across many platforms like this that claims users can make profits once they invest on the platform, which some may pay for a short time while many won’t even pay.

Fundsinfo will advice you to be very careful with such platforms and only invest with what you can afford to loose, in the other hand joining such platforms when is a brand new is a little bit risky.

You can share with us your experience and thought about down at the comment section, is legit or scam let’s discuss.


Thanks for your time and patient to read this our review to this point, don’t forget to share with us your experience down below at the comment section below.

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